Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Most Contradictory, Delusional Assumption Possible

The most contradictory, delusional assumption the human mind has ever conceived is, "No Creator God". The second to it is "self righteousness", which springs from the "No Creator God" fantasy which thinks ... "I am god". The obvious, undeniable fact of a holy, Creator God, contrasted by the obvious, undeniable fact of sinful human unrighteousness, are all too visible to honestly imagine otherwise. The sole remedy for these two self-centered delusions is sincere repentance to God, by these truth violators, which atheists seldom do. Sincere repentance of sin to the one true God, is the only entrance into God's saving grace through faith in His Son Jesus Christ.

A sociopath is the embodiment of that "No Creator God/I am god" delusion. Most of the Roman Caesars were sociopaths, of whom Caligula was the worst. We seem to have a majority of potential Caligula's in Congress and in the President's Cabinet surrounding a full blown Caligula on his Oval Office throne. That is the primary reason our nation is in this horrendous mess. So who put them there? We did, either by vote or indifference. Maybe now we have someone who at least is partial to Evangelical, Bible believing Christians and is sympathetic toward Israel. Pray for Trump as he seeks to clean up the mess in Washington and get America back on track. He needs God's help more than even he knows.

It has been my experience that professing believers in "a God" are easier to win to Christ, be they Catholic, Jew, or even Muslims, than an outright Atheist. Many times on evangelistic journeys with our Missionaries into the isolated mountains of Mexico, where almost everybody believes in Jehovah God and even know about the virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and believe in the Bible, but just don't know how it all fit together until they hear the gospel of salvation by grace through faith, not of works. I have seen hundreds of those poor Mexicans saved. Nobody had ever told them exactly how to be saved but much about how to be religious. For that reason Mexico is one of the ripest harvest fields in the world. I have many memories of those wonderful mission experiences of many years ago. We would drive as far into the back mountains as we could and then walk to an isolated village where even no Catholic priest had ever visited. We would hand out gospel tracts and spread the word that there would be a Christian service that night, in the village. The villagers would invite us to sleep in their little one room hovels after the service, which we, of course, would not accept because they would have to sleep outside. As darkness closed in, we would see tiny spots of flame flowing down the mountain sides in long lines. These were short pieces of candles which the Mexicans, who lived up in the hills above the village, would stick to the top of their big toe nail so they could see the rocky trail coming down to the service. Few of them even had a pair of home-made sandals. We didn't start the service until all those little lights arrived and there would be as many as two or three hundred, all standing, for the service. Literally... most of them would make a profession of faith in Christ, for the first time, and they had been Catholic all their lives, since birth, but were unsaved. Even Jews have a foundational belief in the one true God and are very often open to hearing what the Old Testament says about their "Messiah" which is the O.T. Hebrew word for the New Testament word "Christ". They will listen to you reading Isaiah 53, from the Old Testament, to them, and that chapter is obviously speaking of Jesus Christ. The point is.... they already believe in the O.T. and in Jehovah and a coming Messiah.... just not Jesus and are one step from being saved.

I think the reason Atheists and long lost church members are hardest to reach is that they are denying the very obvious, and often heard message of God as Creator or Christ as Savior, and have become hardened and are inexcusable.

"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse." Rom.1:20.