Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rex Blair Writes To The "Basket Of Deplorables" ... What Now ?

Rex is our son. He and his twin were born when I was in Korea.

In case you don't know, Hillary called supporters of Trump a "Basket of deplorables" Rayburn


What Now ? By Rex Blair

My heart is thankful first and foremost that the God of heaven looked with favor on the "basket of deplorables" and allowed a great miracle to take place.

We saw tonight that one vote can and will make a difference if we do not sit on the sideline.
Now, we must pray for healing of our nation and pray mightily that God will direct the paths of our President and the decision makers President Trump surrounds himself with. 

God has allowed us another chance to restore healing to our nation. May President Trump recognize the opportunity God has handed him and may he be sensitive to this great responsibility and to the people that elected him.

Our one great responsibility now, is to pray for President Trump like our very lives depended on it.....
For there may never be another time as this.