Thursday, June 9, 2016

Just One Single Thing Shines Above All Else Like The Sun In The Sky ... Jesus On The Cross For Sinners

Nothing else compares to God's Son on the cross for our sins.

There are ten thousand opinions in the hearts of men of the most desired, the most important things in this old world to love, hunger for and seek after. Many of them are worthy and honorable and important and many are lustful, greedy and dishonorable. But all the host of angels in heaven and doing God's service on earth sing out across the universe, in harmony with the sun, moon and star studded sky in exalting the single most glorious, ultimate expression of God's great love for the human race .... Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins. I myself have great affection for hundreds of God's Children I have known and served with, and dozens of wonderful gifts God has blessed me with, and the beautiful things around me He created, but far, far above them all is Jesus crucified on that old rugged cross for my sin. So I testify and confirm and give thanks to my Savior for what He did there for me, my family and my friends and I will glory in the cross. I will glory in the cross drenched in the blood of Jesus. I will glory in the cross.