Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fred Good's Mind Altering Blowout On A Late Night Highway In A Rainstorm

Here is another Fred Good experience which helped make him the man he is.
May it motivate us all to consider the spiritual impact a kind word or action may have on the lives of those we encounter every day. Each and every one of them carry burdens and needs we cannot see. A kindness may be of more value than a fortune in gold. RB

Recently I was asked about what motivated me to write my first book "The Success Factor". I couldn't remember anything that compelled me to focus my mind on the concept of giving . There is, however, something that happened many years ago that could have directed my though in the direction that led me to write a book that was read in countries around the World. Most of my life was spent in the wholesale beauty supply business with the main office in Tallahassee, Florida and a branch office and warehouse in Pensacola Florida .
I believe the story here happened in the early 1970's . I had spent the week in Pensacola, calling on beauty salons in and around that city. I was driving back to my home in Tallahassee late one night. It began to pour down rain as I approached the little town of Quincy, Florida, which is about 20 miles from Tallahassee. I drove through Quincy on highway 90 as the rain kept falling. About a mile out of Quincy "BAM" I had a blowout. I wondered just what to do with the pouring rain and me dressed in one of my best suits ... My thoughts were only for a moment because almost immediately a car stopped and parked behind me. A man got out, came to the back of my vehicle and asked me to open the trunk so he could get the spare and take off the blown out tire. I pressed the trunk button; he took out the spare, jacked up the rear and put on the tire, all accomplished in a pouring rain. After the man finished his work, he closed the trunk lid, knocked on the back, waved and was gone. I really did not get a good look at the individual who chose to help me ... without showing himself or staying for a thank you. This simple act of giving has remained in my memory all this time. At times I have wondered if this individual, who walked out into the pouring rain, fixed my problem, then did not stay to be recognized or thanked, was a human being or an angel. For
years after the blowout, as I traveled, I actually looked for the same type of problem so that I could give the same help as the Angelic person that helped me . Fred Good