Tuesday, April 7, 2015

If You Can Open Your Mind To This.... You Too Can Believe

There is a time in most people's lives when they come to grips with these two most important questions anyone will ever face. What is the truth as to how we, the earth and universe came to be? And if God did it, what does He expect of me? The Bible has the answers, but if you doubt those answers, do this ....

If you can open your mind to the fact that it is scientifically and physically impossible that the infinite, complex universe, dirt's content and Earth's atmosphere, the human mind and body, life itself and 10,000 other miraculous facts of existence, EVOLVED FROM NOTHING VOID OF ANY KIND OF INTELLIGENCE,  .... your only other alternative is a Creator God.  Believing in God, based on the inerrant Bible, intelligent observation of creation and the Spirit of God convincing us, is not an unreasonable faith, as unbelievers like to accuse us of. But their own totally illogical and impossible theory of evolution, based on A GIGANTIC ACCIDENT IN WHICH EVERYTHING EVOLVED OUT OF NOTHING...., without Any Intelligence input .... IS "an unreasonable faith". 

If believing in the existence of a Creator God is inconceivable to you, the non-existence of a Creator God is a thousand times more incomprehensible and illogical. Think about it. Settle this question and faith in Christ will follow. RB