Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Genius Of Genesis Is At Least Understandable... God Did It

"And God said, let there be ...." Genesis 1

In the February 2015 issue of Popular Science, the magazine's Editor In Chief, Cliff Ransom, reports on an interview with Dr. Kenneth Nealson, a scientific biologist at the University Of California. It seems the University has discovered an as yet unknown form of life in the mud off Catalina Island which eats and breathes nothing but electricity. The good doctor, with a large office full of awards, plaques and other trophies of honor and recognition, admits to indecipherable confusion in their scientific research of this mysterious discovery.  He is quoted to have said, "Life  all comes down to energy from the mightiest Blue Whale to the most humble microbe. Microbes discovered in California metabolize energy by eating and breathing electricity directly. It's like the more, you learn, the less you understand. Every time we increase our powers of perception, we find the universe is more complex than we imaginedIt's kind of like Science Fiction. To a biologist, finding life that chugs along without a molecular energy source is about as unlikely as seeing passengers flying through the air without an airplane." 

I dearly love it when famous, highly trained and experienced "scientists", in their life long pursuit of the "truth" of evolution, regularly hit brick walls in the path of what they "know to be", and discover "it isn't".  Their exclamatory explanations jump out in funny phrases as, "Its like the more you learn, the less you understand", and "Its kind of like Science Fiction."  Actually, those two phrases contain more honest to goodness truth than libraries full of books on every facet of this single theory ... Evolution. 

Noah Webster's definition of the word "theory" is, "The general or abstract principles of any body of facts, as distinguished from applied science, a hypothesis or guess."  Whereas, the word "science", from the Latin "scientia" means to know that you know through proven observation. That is why, for a hundred years, unethical evolutionists were desperately digging, scratching searching and even falsifying, embellishing and misrepresenting, with spurious "evidence", proof of evolution. 

Things like putting a widely scattered varity of bones together to create what appears to be a missing link. An artist can create a mosaic of a monkey's face with a thousand pebbles from a thousand different places,.. that looks like a monkey.... but it isn't. They haven't done much of that recently because they know times have changed and the lie will be quickly discovered. 

It could be that Dr. Nealson is correct in his belief that, at least physically, "Life all comes down to energy...." But that energy was the energy proceeding out of the lips of God when He said, "Let there be", as recorded in Genesis 1. THAT was power... "energy".

1 Timothy 6:20   O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called