Tuesday, March 24, 2015

God Hates Sin Not Socialists, Perverts, Drug Pushers And Thieves ... Sinners

The Scripture says that God hates sin ... not sinners.  I believe God expects His children, Christians, to also hate the sin but not the sinner.  "Thou (God) lovest righteousness and hatest wickedness ...." Psm. 45:7.  Seeking to follow that holy tack .... "loving righteousness and hating sin", its easy to love righteousness and hate sin, but sometimes difficult to love those who damage other people's lives by their cruelty, greed and wickedness.

I do not hate Liberals and Socialists. I hate the false philosophy of stealing from workers, producers and savers to support laziness, waste, negligence and greed ... whether Republican, Democrat or Independent.  I love helping the helpless, sick, young, old and handicapped. I love those who work, pay taxes, or serve in the military and law enforcement on low salaries. I find it difficult to love those who do otherwise, but we know Christ died for them, as well. "For God so loved the world...."

I do not hate drug addicts and alcoholics. I hate the awful, wasteful ruin of their character, homes, health and lives. I do not hate, but am against those who produce and sell the stuff and judges who let them off to continue ruining lives. I love those they cause to suffer so, the parents, wives, husbands and children of drug addicts and those who have to deal with addicts and the destruction they cause.

I do not hate Unions. I hate intimidation, lawless destruction, forcing people to join a union to get a job, and the ridiculously high salaries of union bosses. I love the person who truly wants a job but can't find one, or does a job well, and is loyal to their employer who pays their salary.

I do not hate business owners for making a profit. I hate cheating and lying to customers, abusing the employees who work for them I am against employer CEO's who pay themselves exorbitant salaries and bonuses when the business isn't even theirs and the shareholders get nothing. I am for honest business owners, especially small business owners who work hard, keep expenses low, pay competitive salaries, treat customers fairly and respect and reward diligent, faithful employees.

I do not hate President Obama, but I do hate just about everything he does and stands for. Yes, I can pray for him, but my prayers for him are limited to his soul's salvation and that God would move him to make decisions favorable to our nation even when he might seek to do otherwise. I often wonder how German Christians prayed for Adolph Hitler or Soviet Christians prayed for Joseph Stalin or how Mary and Joseph prayed for King Herod when he sought to kill the baby Jesus. The answer might be as Jesus prayed about his crucifixion, "Not my will but thine be done". Luke 22:42.