Wednesday, December 7, 2016

E-Mail From Fred Confirming Our Flight To the USSR

Plus another experience

Dr. Blair, I could never forget our trip to Romania and the Soviet Union in 1990. I firmly believe the fact that the Romanian pilot giving permission for you to give a short salvation message on that international airline was historic.  I don't believe such an event has ever happened before. With great joy I recall the applause after your talk. I have enjoyed all of our travels. The 19 day trip we took to the Arctic Circle Alaska was one great adventure. One of the highlights was going up a mountain in North Dakota when a white Ford Falcon passed us; the windows were down and we could see the long blond hair blowing in the breeze. I remember you remarked that the lady was stepping on the gas. We reached the mountain top and started down and setting to our right was that Ford Falcon, the hood up with smoke coming from the engine. We were going pretty fast and passed the vehicle before we could stop. You said that we needed to go back and help the lady. We drove back and found that the blond hair belonged to a man. He told us that the car had slung a piston and he was just going to leave it.  The man's name  was Russell. You asked me to get out and let Russell sit in the middle. Russell looked kind of ruff and I was really surprised that you asked him if he had been in prison. He answered, yes sir, I just got out ! As we drove down the mountain you gave Russell one of the best messages I have heard. " Russell , In your youth, someone placed in your mind that you are less that your brother. You have labored under the illusion that life has handed you a raw deal. Russell, that was all a lie. GOD made you special. God made you so special that he made only one like you. When you were being conceived there were thousands of cells available. God reached down into that darkness and picked just one to live...that one was you Russell. God loved you then and he loves you now .You are one of the most important things that God ever made!" 

We reached a small town and before Russell left us,you led him to Christ. I gave him one of my business cards and asked him to call me sometime . 

I really wondered if Russell truly excepted Christ or just said he did so as not to hurt our feelings. After our trip I had wondered if we would ever hear from him. Sometimes you would call and ask if I had heard from Him. About six months later, one of my workers said a man was on the phone who we had picked up on a mountain in North Dakota . I took the phone and asked, Russell, how are you doing. He said Mr. Good I can't believe you remembered  my name after all this time. I wanted you and Dr. Blair to know that I am serving Christ, Going to Church and reading my Bible. Thank you caring about me!

Fred, after nearly 54 years of being friends, will you please call me Rayburn... and that goes for all of you other friends. Enemies call me what you will. Rayburn ... and yes, Psm.115:1 is still fits here