Saturday, July 2, 2016

What To Do When You See The World Going To Hell

Look Up ... 
There is nothing we can really do to stop the signs of the times or prophecy of them, but we can do much to change the space we are occupying ... ourselves. We cannot save the world, but we can give light to those in darkness near us, that they may see. You may think nothing you can do will make a difference, but that is not true. You, alone, can make a greater difference, for eternity, than if you were the lost, sociopathic, narcissistic President of the United States. Such a person can ruin, undermine and destroy the nation, the Constitution, the economy and the freedoms of millions, but he cannot influence or win a single eternal soul to Christ and heaven. Neither can he give Scriptural truth and instruction, strength and encouragement to a single, spiritually needy soul. A worldly, powerful man can do untold damage to human and physical things, but not one thing to please God, in eternity, if he rejects Christ and persecutes Christians. A witnessing Christian, who lives his faith, in this sin-darkened world, is like a birthday cake candle or a single LED light in Carlsbad Caverns. Even a tiny light enlightens a huge area of total darkness and can help everyone within sight of that little light. Darkness is simply nothing but the absence of light.

So, when you see the whole world going to hell, look up and let your Jesus light shine to those around you. In total darkness, a candle can be seen for miles. You, as a Christian, have that light in you. Lift the basket and let it out. Let it shine. Be a living witness for Jesus. There has never been a time when the darkness was blacker and light needed more than right now. Do your job, Christian, let your Jesus light shine ... It will change eternity for those who see Jesus ... the way, the truth and the life ... in your life and your words.