Sunday, September 6, 2015

No, You Are Not Worthy And You Are Not Alone

Nobody, in this flesh, is perfect and therefore nobody is worthy of God or of Christ. Not even close .... except as we are covered with the righteousness of Christ. In fact, everybody is, in their flesh, a sinner. Yes, some sinners are worse than other sinners, but that is not where the acceptance line is drawn. That redemption line, between heaven and hell, is drawn between the spiritually born again, forgiven sinner and the unrepentant, unbelieving unforgiven sinner.

You see, our earthly, fleshly birth and our earthly parents and our earthly marriage of a groom and a bride .... are created reflections of a higher reality. That is, the reality of a Heavenly Father, and a Heavenly marriage of His son, Jesus, to a Heavenly bride, his born again believers.

And even as a child, born to a father and mother is and always will be, their child, no matter how that child might disappoint them or go astray, so it is with the second birth. A truly born again Christian is and always shall be a child of his Heavenly Father because he has been spiritually "born" into the family of God. It is that simple.